B4P GT simulator

Vanafprijs, incl. BTW
  • For both professional and home use
  • Handmade
  • Unique design
  • The most realistic GT simulator on the market

Feel the adrenaline, feel the speed, feel the supreme reality. Step into the cockpit designed with insights from former F1 driver Robert Doornbos and experience the excitement of Formula racing brought to life. Every detail is crafted to perfection, offering a replication so flawless, you’ll be convinced you’re in a high-speed single seater, tearing down the track.


Chair of polyester

The ideal seating position in a GT simulator is very personal. Luckily, you can fine-tune the GT seat with our easy adjustment options. 

The chair is fully adjustable by the end user: so you always have a perfectly adjusted chair! The stand on which the chair stands can also be used to mount other chairs. This way, you can always choose a chair that is fully adjusted to your needs.

High quality

The frames of our simulators are made of high quality steel and finished with a cool candy orange coating that is scratch-resistant. By making clever use of the openings in the frame, you can also hide all cables.

The hardware we use on our motion platforms only gives a delay of 2 milliseconds, which is so little that it is hardly noticeable.


The Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedal Set is the best set you can find on the market. It is fully adjustable. For example, you can determine your brake pressure, create your own curve and determine how the brake pressure increases.  

The throttle provides just the right amount of tension and rigidity for excellent control of your car.

Direct drive steering wheel

The direct drive steering wheel feels every little bump in the road – just like the real thing. It simulates under- and over-steer perfectly.

The double hall sensors on both the engine and the steering shaft ensure unparalleled precision and reliability in steering!


Our high quality actuators are specially designed in-house and fine-tuned for our simulators.

The bearings and mechanics in the legs of the sim are of such a high quality that they hardly make any noise. You could, so to speak, just race and let your housemate read a book in the same room.

Specs & details


  • Motion actuators kit (4x actuators) | 150 mm lift
  • Actuator orientation | Vertical/linear
  • B4P Motion Platform 150mm
  • Available for 110V or 230V electrical system
  • Maximum speed | ± 250 mm/sec
  • Temperature range | 0-65 degrees
  • Max. lifting capacity| 500 KG
  • Max. Watt per Actuator | 750W
  • Chair capacity | Up to 150 kilograms
  • Dimensions GT motion: L 208 cm x W 100 cm x H 143 cm
  • Hardware | 1 MS delay
  • Software | 2 MS delay
  • IP Code | IP67


  • Correct and adjustable seating position
  • Realistic movements
  • Strong metal and coated frame
  • Adjustable pedal and steering wheel position
  • Modular
  • Cable management through the frame
  • Software only suitable for Windows
  • Ethernet/USB game control
  • Seat glides included


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Ja, om het racen nóg echter te maken kun je een VR-bril aansluiten.

Assetto Corsa, rFactor2, iRacing, DiRT en Formule 1 2020 worden allemaal ondersteund door onze computers. 

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