Integrating a Racing Simulator into the Showroom Experience

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  1. Integrating a Racing Simulator into the Showroom Experience

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    Six months ago, Toyota van Gent and Build4Performance initiated a collaboration that would redefine the showroom experience. Previously, Toyota van Gent had rented racing simulators for various events. This time, they decided to purchase their own simulator to make it a more prominent feature within their business. What started as an experimental feature at events has now become a key element of the showroom experience at Toyota van Gent, showcasing their ambition to present themselves not just as an attractive car dealership but also as a desirable employer.

    Racing Excitement In the Showroom

    Visiting a car showroom might seem like a routine experience, but adding an interactive racing element changes the game. At Toyota van Gent, the focus is on personal attention and creating a unique atmosphere for the whole family, considering many customers are in the market for family vehicles. Diderik van Gent explains, “It offers customers that little bit extra, and it’s also a fun activity for our colleagues.”

    Rotating among locations

    Toyota van Gent operates multiple branches. Diderik van Gent states, “We rotate the simulator among our locations, in this way, we delight all our visitors and customers with a lap around the circuits of Zandvoort or Spa Francorchamps.”

    Customized Experience During Events

    Opting for a Stage1 racing simulator, the Static F1, Toyota van Gent aimed for a fully customized experience. The company logo and branding are prominently featured on the simulator and even within the racing game itself, creating a unique and recognizable racing simulator aligned with their brand identity. This personalized touch is used as promotional material during events and in the showroom. Thanks to the simulator’s mobility, it can easily be moved to various locations.

    Explore the possibilities

    Interested in discovering how a racing simulator can enhance your company’s presence? Contact us at, and let us inspire you with the possibilities.

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  2. Partner Special – 402 Events

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    Over a year has passed since 402 Automotive and Build4Performance joined forces, creating a perfect opportunity to reflect on this fruitful partnership and share insights from our ongoing joint venture. Come along as we explore the details further.

    The Collaboration: 402 X B4P

    This partnership represents a unique and powerful alliance between two entities deeply embedded in the automotive and motorsport industry. 402 Automotive, a leader in auto shows and a renowned name within the automotive scene, regularly awes car enthusiasts with spectacular displays and events. Mention high-speed cars and motorsport, and Build4Performance’s simulators come to mind. Together, we’ve enhanced the 402 events with the ultimate racing experience, becoming a major attraction for petrol heads of all ages.


    Throughout the year, dozens of events are organized from the Netherlands to the Middle-East, where the simulators have become an essential feature of the roaring spectacle. Hundreds of attendees per event compete in the race simulators for the fastest time of the day and attractive prizes.

    To offer all visitors this racing experience, Build4Performance’s purpose-built race trailer, equipped with six high-end simulators branded with 402’s logos both physically and in-game, is deployed. Complemented by a central control unit and a large screen, it guarantees the ultimate race pleasure, housed in a state-of-the-art race trailer designed to withstand all weather conditions.

    402 Competition

    During the 402 calendar year, a sim-competition is held, where participants compete for daily prizes at each event and the chance to win a season prize. Last year, the lucky winner took home a simulator from former F1 driver Robert Doornbos – how cool is that?

    2024 & Beyond

    We continue to mark our presence at 402 Automotive events this year. To find out where we’ll be, keep an eye on the 402 website and make sure to secure your sim-ticket in time!

    We eagerly anticipate, not just this year, but also future collaborations with 402 Automotive. With plenty of innovative and exciting plans, we can’t wait to bring them to our visitors. Will we see you at the next 402 event?


    Contact us and discover the endless possibilities for your desires. We’re more than happy to help you to create your ultimate racing experience!

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  3. Case study – B4P Goes UAE

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    Build4Performance at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023: A Case Study of Immersive Simulation Experience

    The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 marked a significant milestone for Build4Performance, a company renowned for its cutting-edge racing simulators. Demonstrating innovation and immersive technology, Build4Performance showcased four state-of-the-art simulators – two static and two motion – offering an unprecedented experience to the attendees of this prestigious event.


    The primary objective at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was to elevate the fan experience by providing a realistic, engaging, and interactive racing simulation. This event served as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Build4Performance’s latest simulator technology and to establish the brand as a leader in the racing simulation industry.

    Build4Performance has always been at the forefront of racing simulation technology. The company aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-life racing experiences, providing both professional racers and enthusiasts with tools to enhance their driving skills and enjoyment.

    Static Simulators

    Two static simulators were set up, designed to replicate the feel of a real
    race car. These simulators provided an authentic racing experience, equipped with high resolution graphics and realistic controls.

    Motion Simulators

    Alongside the static models, two motion simulators offered a more
    dynamic experience. These units featured advanced motion technology, allowing users to feel every turn, brake, and acceleration as if they were on the actual Abu Dhabi circuit.

    Experience and Engagement

    The simulators were strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximise engagement. Trained staff were on hand to assist participants, ensuring a seamless experience. The event attracted a diverse crowd, from racing professionals to casual fans, all eager to test their skills on the virtual track

    Build4Performance’s participation in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 was more than just a showcase of technology; it was an embodiment of the thrill and passion of motorsports.

    By providing a unique and immersive experience, Build4Performance not only delighted fans but also solidified its position as an innovator in the racing simulation industry. This case study exemplifies how interactive technology can enhance the spectator experience and open new avenues in sports marketing and engagement.


    Contact us and discover the endless possibilities for your desires. We’re more than happy to help you to create your ultimate racing experience!

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  4. Proud of our collaboration with Rexing

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    We are constantly optimizing and innovating our simulators. That is why we are pleased to announce a new partnership. Rexing becomes Build4Performance’s new steering wheel partner, with the aim of improving the simulators through advanced technology.

    Meet Rexing

    Rexing’s small team invests a lot of time and knowledge in handcrafting each specific steering wheel. They always strive to push the boundaries and build wheels that owners will be proud to hold in their hands. Their production is small in quantity, but large in experience and passion.

    This makes the racing wheel so unique

    Rexing offers an unique product, it is not just a sim racing wheel. Rexing steering wheels are made entirely of carbon fiber, just like those in real formula racing. They have no metal inserts and that results in a durable, lightweight and above all realistic steering wheel.

    • Carbon fiber body
    • Polyurethane rubber grips
    • Highest quality industrial push buttons
    • Extra paddles with dual action (optional)
    • Tempered glass display cover

    The way the steering wheels are made is also a special process. The manufacturing process includes  vacuum bagging carbon fibers and curing in an autoclave (sealed pressure vessel) at elevated temperature and pressure.

    Especially for our simulators

    The Rexing steering wheels are completely tailored to our simulators. As a result, the steering wheel will not move and you are assured of that realistic experience on the track. Once you have tried the wheel, there is no going back. This is what every racing fanatic wants!

  5. A Formula 1 simulator in house? Why not!

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    Sitting close to the action and experiencing the tracks as if you were there yourself: simracing is immensely popular. Imagine yourself at the start of Zandvoort, Spa or Monaco in a few seconds. That’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Just start up your simulator and get started. With our simulators you will have a real life experience!

    But what ensures that you actually experience that real life experience? Well for example: through our Triple Screen Stands, audio effects, moving platforms and possible VR applications! Our Formula 1 Simulator puts you in a real driving position and when you don’t use VR-glasses you have three curved screens around you that cover your entire field of vision. In addition, our F1 simulators are also equipped with official F1 features, like the real racetracks: that does something to your experience!

    ‘What’s behind you doesn’t matter’ – Enzo Ferrari

  6. The most realistic racing game ever: iRacing

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    Even though the penalty system mercilessly punishes you, making proper racing a requirement, iRacing is the most realistic racing platform available today. iRacing is one of the most widely used simulator games among professional drivers. Max Verstappen uses this platform a lot in his spare time and is very good at it. iRacing is one of the best games that can be played at the moment!

    You start in iRacing really like a rookie. If you race well you will get license points and so you climb up to license D, C, B and A. Per license you can also drive certain cars, just like in real life. You can practice with a Formula 1 car, but you can only participate in real races with an A license. In some classes you can start right away, but also for Formula 3 you have to show that you have obtained a C license.

    Official races 

    There is a very good online system in iRacing where there are new races every week for which you can register (half an hour before the start, see: These are official races where everything that happens during that race is translated into your race license. This contains a Safety Rating (SR) and an iRating (IR). Do you drive damage free and not outside the lines? Then your SR will increase. Do you finish in a good position? Then your IR will increase. With this you will always end up in fun races with racers of your own level. Just like in real life!


    But why does iRacing feel so real? They have very smart, all circuits scanned with a laser. You can feel every bump and roughness in the road. And because iRacing focuses on the real experience and can grow in classes and competitions, this is a nicely different way to experience a real sports experience online. You’ll really get better at racing!

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