A Formula 1 simulator in house? Why not!

Sitting close to the action and experiencing the tracks as if you were there yourself: simracing is immensely popular. Imagine yourself at the start of Zandvoort, Spa or Monaco in a few seconds. That’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it? Just start up your simulator and get started. With our simulators you will have a real life experience!

But what ensures that you actually experience that real life experience? Well for example: through our Triple Screen Stands, audio effects, moving platforms and possible VR applications! Our Formula 1 Simulator puts you in a real driving position and when you don’t use VR-glasses you have three curved screens around you that cover your entire field of vision. In addition, our F1 simulators are also equipped with official F1 features, like the real racetracks: that does something to your experience!

‘What’s behind you doesn’t matter’ – Enzo Ferrari

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