About Build4Performance

Specially designed for professionals who want high quality training at home and racing enthusiasts who want to experience the real racing experience: in our simulators you experience reality! Who doesn’t dream of racing around the circuit every day in a Formula 1 or GT car? Just start your simulator and you’ll be at the start of Zandvoort, Spa, Monaco or whatever track you want: within seconds! 

Build4performance was born out of the love for motorsports in all shapes and sizes. In 2004 owner Martijn van der Woord made a remarkable career switch: from the Marine Corps to a job in the computer store Vobis. Temporarily, he thought, but in 2009 he got the chance to take over the business in Hoogeveen. This is how Build4Power came into being. 


In 2014 Martijn started building his first own GT simulator. In 2019 he took the plunge by inviting former Formula 1 driver Robert Doornbos for a test drive. He was very enthusiastic and so the idea for an F1 simulator was born. Martijn and programmer Floris-Jan went straight to work on it. Because they wanted to offer everyone worldwide the opportunity to race and enjoy a lifelike experience!

Robert Doornbos

Thanks to the contacts with Robert Doornbos, Martijn manages to get presenters Rob Kamphues and Rob van Gameren, of the Formula 1 café, extremely enthusiastic. After a ride in the simulator they would like to use it in their TV show on Ziggo Sport. And they will: because since 6 March 2020 the Formula 1 simulator can be seen live on Ziggo Sport every Friday evening!

New location

In the autumn of 2020 we started under a new name: Build4Performance. And a new name also includes a new accommodation where everything comes together: a workshop and showroom. Will you also come and take a look? You can find our address here. Be welcome!

Martijn van der Woord & Robert Doornbos

Official supplier Formule 1 café Ziggo Sport