About Build4Performance

Founded in 2020 in The Netherlands, amid a booming era of e-sports and digital innovation, Build4Performance carved out its own unique space in the dynamic world of racing simulators.

Born out of passion for both engineering excellence and the electrifying world of motorsport, the company quickly found its footing. We excel in merging the boundaries between reality and simulation, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to bring an unparalleled racing experience to enthusiasts around the globe. We’re relentlessly driven by our pursuit of perfection, continuously pushing the limits of what’s possible in the virtual racing domain.

We’re not just developing simulators; we’re bringing the pulsating heart of the racetrack directly to you, recreating the ultimate racing car experience for both professionals seeking top-notch training tools, as well as enthusiasts wishing to feel the real rush of the race. Whether at home, in the office, or at an event, we deliver adrenaline, speed, and precision, right where you are.


At Build4Performance, our mission is to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, bringing the unmatched thrill of racing car driving within arm’s reach of enthusiasts worldwide.


Build4Performance envisions becoming the globally recognized leader in providing the most immersive racing experience available.

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