Case study – B4P Goes UAE

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  1. Case study – B4P Goes UAE

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    Build4Performance at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023: A Case Study of Immersive Simulation Experience

    The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 marked a significant milestone for Build4Performance, a company renowned for its cutting-edge racing simulators. Demonstrating innovation and immersive technology, Build4Performance showcased four state-of-the-art simulators – two static and two motion – offering an unprecedented experience to the attendees of this prestigious event.


    The primary objective at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was to elevate the fan experience by providing a realistic, engaging, and interactive racing simulation. This event served as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of Build4Performance’s latest simulator technology and to establish the brand as a leader in the racing simulation industry.

    Build4Performance has always been at the forefront of racing simulation technology. The company aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-life racing experiences, providing both professional racers and enthusiasts with tools to enhance their driving skills and enjoyment.

    Static Simulators

    Two static simulators were set up, designed to replicate the feel of a real
    race car. These simulators provided an authentic racing experience, equipped with high resolution graphics and realistic controls.

    Motion Simulators

    Alongside the static models, two motion simulators offered a more
    dynamic experience. These units featured advanced motion technology, allowing users to feel every turn, brake, and acceleration as if they were on the actual Abu Dhabi circuit.

    Experience and Engagement

    The simulators were strategically placed in high-traffic areas to maximise engagement. Trained staff were on hand to assist participants, ensuring a seamless experience. The event attracted a diverse crowd, from racing professionals to casual fans, all eager to test their skills on the virtual track

    Build4Performance’s participation in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 was more than just a showcase of technology; it was an embodiment of the thrill and passion of motorsports.

    By providing a unique and immersive experience, Build4Performance not only delighted fans but also solidified its position as an innovator in the racing simulation industry. This case study exemplifies how interactive technology can enhance the spectator experience and open new avenues in sports marketing and engagement.


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