Hard & Software


Crafted by local suppliers and assembled with precision in our specialized race-bays, our products stand as a testament to unmatched quality and personalization. Leveraging our unique approach allows for exclusive flexibility in delivery times and customization, adhering strictly to guidelines that ensure perfection in every detail. Aiming for excellence, while guaranteeing a racing experience that is nothing short of flawless.

Our simulators are designed with maximum compatibility in mind. All parts are interchangeable, which makes it a breeze to convert or upgrade any simulator to suit your preferences. Most, if not all, popular hardware suppliers will fit our platform. This way we’re able to offer a tailor made solution, time and time again.


Excellent hardware doesn’t function without equally impressive software. To bring you the most immersive racing experience we are using advanced software and packages. This enables unlimited car- and track combinations, simulation models and racing experiences.


Build4Performance simulators can be crafted to your preferences and specifications. Whether it’s a splash of custom color, in-game branding, or accommodating other unique requirements — consider it done.

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