B4P Formule Hard


Vanafprijs, incl. BTW

Look for the border! How fast can you go through a corner and at what time can you brake? With this simulator you can safely push the limits of a course, practice the course and improve your skills. This sim is widely used by professional drivers and is the number 1 in quality, stability and comfort!



The most complete and realistic Formula 1 simulator available on the market! Each leg can move up and down 150 millimeters at lightning speed to simulate the forces of an F1 car. The complete device weighs almost 200 kilos. The seat is made of carbon fiber and a five-point harness keeps the driver in place. We deliver the simulator including the Fanatec Podium steering wheel, screens, computer and speakers. With this sim it’s boarding and going!


Official supplier Formule 1 café Ziggo Sport