B4P GT Medium


Vanafprijs, incl. BTW

Take a comfortable seat in the racing seat for a complete racing session. Adjust the entire seat to suit your needs for the ultimate racing experience. So those 60 laps on Monza or the tricky Nürburgring look like a piece of cake!



This GT simulator is the ultimate racing experience for you! The sim has a very solid build quality, so it can also be used in business or commercial environments. It looks like you’re entering a lifelike GT racing car. The deep bucket seat ensures that you can race in a comfortable way, even if you make the most wild moves while steering!


  • Realistic movements
  • Correct and adjustable seating position
  • A 65" curved screen that provides a crystal-clear view
  • The ideal combination of steering and pedals: powerful and precise
  • Adjustable pedal and steering wheel position
  • Powerful computer system: powerful enough for heavy software applications and expandable for the future
Official supplier Formule 1 café Ziggo Sport