Proud of our collaboration with Rexing

Proud of our collaboration with Rexing

We are constantly optimizing and innovating our simulators. That is why we are pleased to announce a new partnership. Rexing becomes Build4Performance’s new steering wheel partner, with the aim of improving the simulators through advanced technology.

Meet Rexing

Rexing’s small team invests a lot of time and knowledge in handcrafting each specific steering wheel. They always strive to push the boundaries and build wheels that owners will be proud to hold in their hands. Their production is small in quantity, but large in experience and passion.

This makes the racing wheel so unique

Rexing offers an unique product, it is not just a sim racing wheel. Rexing steering wheels are made entirely of carbon fiber, just like those in real formula racing. They have no metal inserts and that results in a durable, lightweight and above all realistic steering wheel.

  • Carbon fiber body
  • Polyurethane rubber grips
  • Highest quality industrial push buttons
  • Extra paddles with dual action (optional)
  • Tempered glass display cover

The way the steering wheels are made is also a special process. The manufacturing process includes  vacuum bagging carbon fibers and curing in an autoclave (sealed pressure vessel) at elevated temperature and pressure.

Especially for our simulators

The Rexing steering wheels are completely tailored to our simulators. As a result, the steering wheel will not move and you are assured of that realistic experience on the track. Once you have tried the wheel, there is no going back. This is what every racing fanatic wants!


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