The most realistic racing game ever: iRacing

The most realistic racing game ever: iRacing

Even though the penalty system mercilessly punishes you, making proper racing a requirement, iRacing is the most realistic racing platform available today. iRacing is one of the most widely used simulator games among professional drivers. Max Verstappen uses this platform a lot in his spare time and is very good at it. iRacing is one of the best games that can be played at the moment!

You start in iRacing really like a rookie. If you race well you will get license points and so you climb up to license D, C, B and A. Per license you can also drive certain cars, just like in real life. You can practice with a Formula 1 car, but you can only participate in real races with an A license. In some classes you can start right away, but also for Formula 3 you have to show that you have obtained a C license.

Official races 

There is a very good online system in iRacing where there are new races every week for which you can register (half an hour before the start, see: These are official races where everything that happens during that race is translated into your race license. This contains a Safety Rating (SR) and an iRating (IR). Do you drive damage free and not outside the lines? Then your SR will increase. Do you finish in a good position? Then your IR will increase. With this you will always end up in fun races with racers of your own level. Just like in real life!


But why does iRacing feel so real? They have very smart, all circuits scanned with a laser. You can feel every bump and roughness in the road. And because iRacing focuses on the real experience and can grow in classes and competitions, this is a nicely different way to experience a real sports experience online. You’ll really get better at racing!


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